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The consulting services we offer aim and serve the development of your business, in the direction you desire and pursue. We successfully complete everything we undertake because we rely on our expertise and are motivated by our principles.

We have commit in effectiveness. From 2001 until today we have complete successfully more than 2000 investments included in the Development Law, NSRF and other co-financed programs and financial tools.

For us the key word is "integration».

We study, draft, file, monitor and complete the projects we undertake. Our proven experience ensures your own growth opportunity.

The way we produce, create and consume is changing. We live on the 4ththe industrial revolution that is ongoing and creates new demands, challenges, possibilities. But it also offers differentiated perspectives to businesses.

As in every industrial revolution that preceded it, so now the 4the industrial revolution promises new perspectives and hopes for a better tomorrow. It promotes the complete digital transformation of a company's resources and processes with the primary objective of industrial production. However, automation concerns and will gradually and/or directly affect all sectors of the economy.

For businesses to cope with the demands of the coming reality, knowledge and commitment are required to drive change and transformation. The consultants of B² Consultants are by your side methodically and consistently to successfully transition into the evolving era by safely creating your own tomorrow.

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